Bespoke medical website

Project summary

Vizient is the largest member-owned health care services company in the United States., and based in Texas. It was formed through the merger of VHA, a national network of not-for-profit hospitals, and UHC, an alliance of academic medical centers. A new website was requried for Vizient.

The Challenge

We were commissioned by Future Brand, a global creative agency to develop the front end components for this new website. These components would be integrated into an backend CMS by a team of developers in Chicago.

The Approach

As with all large projects we reduced the design down into smaller, reusable building blocks called elements, components and modules.

The HTML blocks were created using a templating language called Jade, the styling rules using Sass and the clever logic bit using Javascript, the language of the web. By assembling the smaller components together the integration team could create any page design with ease.

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