iPad app for events

Project summary

Concise Media Group, an innovative agency in the events space, needed an app developed for one of their clients.

The brief

Concise Media Group commissioned us to produce a bespoke, interactive iPad app for their client, Cushman & Wakefield - a commercial real estate company.

The client was hosting a conference in Cannes, and wanted an interactive app to replace the bulky, paper handouts normally associated with events.

The app had to provide an intuitve interface containing all the event content, and enable the participants to engage with the program in real time.

The approach

We produced the app using Concise Media's whitelabel codebase as a starting point, customising its look and feel with assets from the client.

The app contained the following features:

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    Attendee and speaker biographies
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  • check
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    Ask a question
  • check
    Word cloud
  • check
    Push presentation
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    Feedback form

The result

It was the first time Cushman & Wakfield had used an interactive app at a conference. They were most pleased with the results as the app achieved 100% participation from all 360 guests.

Other client apps

We developed in excess of 40 apps for companies such as Ernst & Young, HAVAS New York, First Protocol, IBM, HSBC, Shell and Rolls Royce.

Here are just a few of those app screens:

Ernst & Young

Havas New York

First Protocol Pantheon

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